If You Close A Gmail Account, Can Someone Else Sign Up For Gmail With The Username That Was Previously Closed?


7 Answers

Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
No, once a username is closed, it is retired & can never be used by someone else. Your username is yours alone & yours ALONE.  When you retire, your office badge number is retired & can never be used by someone else. Same deal.  Using someone else's name is considered fraud & illegal.
walter jedyk Profile
walter jedyk answered
No, it's forbidden the account under that name becomes delinquent
zoey li Profile
zoey li answered
No you can't they'll just say that this email is already taken so yea!
Bruce Tillson Profile
Bruce Tillson answered
No. Even with you Internet Provider, should you close your account, that name can never be used as an email name again.
Chloe Brisco Profile
Chloe Brisco answered
Yes I suppose so seeing as it's no longer in use the name should become available

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