My Gmail account had been accessed by someone else from a different location, how do I secure it?

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1) Change your password.

2) Google sends out a verification email asking if any new access was you. Since it wasn't you, follow the instructions in that email.

3) Contact Google customer support and ask them for assistance.

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If you are unable to log into your Gmail account, you will need visit (You can also access “Need help?”
link on the Gmail sign in page).  There you will get one or more of the
following options:

1.  Using
a pre - configured recovery phone number.

2.  Using
a pre-configured recovery email address.

  • Prove
        ownership by answering questions about the Gmail account (last email
        account password and email account creation date), receiving a
        verification code to an email or phone, or providing other related

The message beginning “Google couldn’t verify it’s you…” that means
you have not been able to prove ownership of the Gmail account. Repeating the
process again and again will not help unless you can provide more accurate
information or attempt it on a computer/device normally used to access your
Gmail account.

There are no other options for Gmail account recovery, and Google will not
return email account unless you can prove your ownership of it.

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