How do I recover the deleted messages and call history from my Idea sim card? And is it possible to get the details on my gmail account?


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James McCourt answered

Yes, it is possible to recover and backup some of the deleted messages and call history from my Idea sim card.

As for getting the details on gmail, here's something that might help with that:

You can use your Gmail account to backup and restore most of the data and
settings on Android phones. All you need to do is sign into your gmail account then:

“Setting> Account > Sync”

You can sync a number of data types this way:

  • contacts
  • app data 
  • calendar

Just remember to reset the phone, login to the account and then sync your data.

There are a few other wyas to use Google products to get some of your data back:

GooglePlus may have many of your photos, and the SIM card memory is also another storage location for data that can be retrieved. The same applies to SD cards.

Finally, most Android phones these days come with a "System backup and restore option".

This comes down to whether the brand of
Android phone you use allows this, but it is definitely worth checking out.

This is a "one stop solution" for backing up and restoring our phone data, and it is available on my
Xperia, so should be good for your Idea phone too.

Also have a look at products out there on the market that help you do this.

Most have videos on YouTube, so you can see their backup and restore capabilities in action to work out which suits best for you:

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