How do I get my girlfreind's messages and call details?


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Rick Morty answered

It's coward behaviour.

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If you're trying to download your girlfriend's message and phone calls, then I would honestly suggest you guys just break up.

If the relationship has got to this stage, then it is sincerely better for you both to call it a day. Once the trust is gone, it will never come back, no matter what you find on her phone this time - the doubt is in your head for a reason, and this has tainted the relationship.

If you just want information about how to hack phones, rather than real valuable relationship advice... Then I suggest checking out the following videos and links.

I used them to hack into my ex-girlfriend's Samsung Note 2. We are not together anymore because of what I found, and I wish I had never seen the messages and images that were on her phone. It was heartbreaking!

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So, you don't trust her? If you can't trust then you might as well call it quits. Also, would you like it if she was asking that same question?

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