HOW Do I Block Messages And Calls On My Samsung C3050?


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There are a range of phones out there on today’s market but Samsung is one of the leaders when it comes to mobile phone technology and even have a tablet out named the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Modern Samsung phones have special features to control who is allowed to reach you. By making changes in the "call restrictions" section of your Samsung phone, you will have the opportunity to block people from calling you.
Once the call restriction is set, you will not hear any calls come through your phone until you change the settings back to normal. All callers will be sent directly to voice mail. You can also set your phone so that certain callers will be sent to voice mail without your knowledge. In order to block the number you can go to menu then go into messages, settings, block number and then enter the number there and press save.
There are options available to you to block individual numbers as well. Make sure you firstly save the person's phone number in your Samsung phone's address book. If it's a debt collector or someone who you would like to ignore, you have the option of saving the name as something generic, like "Ignore.”
All you then need to do is to go to the entry that you just saved in your contact lists and click "Edit." Scroll down until you see "Sounds," "Tones" or similar and then press ok on your phone.
You will be required to scroll down again until you see "No Ring." Select this option and then press "OK" to save this new change to the contact. And from this point on, all incoming calls from this person will be silent and sent direct to voice mail without you hearing the phone sound.
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Set  your  phone  to  only  allow  contacts  to  get  a  hold  of  you ..You  will  have  to go into the  security  area  of  your  phone  to  do  all  of  that

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