If I Forgot My Gmail Account And My Password How Do I Accsess It?


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You can visit or to get back your Gmail password.

1. Enter your Google username (your Gmail address). When you click next, you'll be asked for your password. Click the Forgot password? link. Google will ask you for the last Gmail password you can remember.

2. If you're unable to answer the questions correctly, just click More Options. Google will ask you if you have access to a secondary email address associated with your Gmail account. If you do, Google can send you a six-digit code to the secondary email address and you can use it to recover your Gmail account and reset the password.

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The best Google password recovery method is naturally never losing it in the first place, by using a password manager like Cyclonis.

If you just forgot the password but still remember the login, you can get your Gmail password reset following the regular guide.

In your case, if you forgot your email address and haven’t set up any recovery information such as a phone number, you may still be able to find your username in case you have recently used your email account in your web browser. Hope you did not get your computer reset already. Good luck!

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