I Forgot My Orkut Password, How To Get My Orkut Password?


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If you have forgotten your Orkut password then don't worry make sure that e-mail id you were using Orkut was for example Gmail, Hotmail, or yahoo whatever that is, for  example if you have Gamil Id from which you were using on Orkut, then try to Log on Gmail and change password from there it will automatically change your orkut Password.
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Plz help me I forget my password ...When I give my password it shows wrong password and I cannot open my orkut account. How to get my password so that I can open my orkut account
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I have an orkut account. When I give my password it shows wrong password and I cannot open my orkut account. How to get my password so that I can open my orkut account
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I forgot my orkut so I cannot open my account
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Normally orkut will ask us to write your mail address down, in case we forget the password, you can use the function of retrive your password and check your mailbox.
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I forget my Orkut & mail password,but now my mail also not getting open,how to get back to my orkut & mail
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Hi, you can ask for password by mailing their admin and ask them to issue a new password, secondly you just go and fill forgot password form and you will get your password within 24-hours.
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Hello... Where can i get the news about my new paswrd after 24 hrs?
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How can i get that. Plz tell me.where i will get my password after 24 hrs
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First open orkut.com
click on   Can't access your account?

Please select your issue:

      * I forgot my password
      * I think someone else is using my account
      * I forgot my username
      * I know my username and password, but I can't sign in
      * I can't reset my password via SMS

exe.. If you select I forgot my password..

To recover your Gmail password, please begin with these steps:

    1. Visit our password recovery page.
    2. Enter your username.
    3. Click Submit.

If Gmail accepted your username, you'll now see a CAPTCHA (letters in a distorted picture).

Did Gmail accept your username?
No, I got an error

Good. Please answer the CAPTCHA and click Submit.

A message will be sent to the recovery address you listed for your account. Please wait a few minutes, then check any email addresses you might have listed as your recovery address.

Did a password reset message arrive at your recovery address?
Yes, I received the password reset message
No, I didn't receive the message
I don't have a recovery email address

If you received the password reset message at your recovery address, follow the instructions to reset your password. You will then be able to access Gmail!

Click on.. Password recovery page.

Then fill up the form and your secaurty question answer!!

And you got your Account!!

Enjoy your self..

Mr. Prashant Uniyal

Sr. Computer Instructor and Service Engineer

K.C.E. Global Network!
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Hi my orkut is not a logout and other person chang my orkut password plz recover my password
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Open the orkut site. At the bottom of the login section you will find an option "I cannot access my account"; just click on that option. A new page will appear soon and on that page select the option that why you can’t access your account. As in your case you should select "I forgot my password". In the next page enter your email address and then wait for their email related to your account details. Open your inbox after few minutes and follow the instruction present in the mail sent by orkut. If the mail is not present in your mail box then junk or spam mail section. Have a nice day and enjoy blurting :)
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I have forgot my password and I m not able to access my orkut I don't remember the security question also
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My orkut id is same my yahoo id but differnt password. I know my orkut username and password but do not login my orkut account please help me
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I will change my orkut password   ,it shows ok also,bt now it will be not accepting the new password even though old password also,thn what can I do now,
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Using the SQL Server Password Unlocker would be the greatest and easiest way to change the password you want, no matter it is admin account or commen user account. It could change it within just 1 min. And I have a youtube video for your better understanding.
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Hi, I forget my orkut password I can`t open my id I try I ask for security but never open

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