I Want To Make My Id In Orkut Bt How?


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In order to set up an account with Orkut you need to visit
Here you will be asked to fill in your name, date of birth, gender and to agree to the terms of service. Once you have accepted these conditions you will then be able to access your account within the site and change the personal details that you want displayed within your public profile.
  • Social Networking.
Orkut is a social network website owned by Google Inc. It is designed to help users make new friends, find old friends and maintain relationships. Although not as popular as Facebook and MySpace in the United Kingdom and the United States, Orkut is one of the most visited sites in other countries, such as Brazil and India. It is the most used social networking site in Estonia.
  • Orkut Features.
In order to stand out from its rivals, Orkut has a number of unique features. Profiles can be changed in term of their themes. Themes are available in a variety of colors and designs. As the site is owned by Google, users can also integrate GTalk with their account. It is possible to view anybody's full profile on Orkut and friends can be rated on a scale to determine whether they are trustworthy, sexy or cool. There is also the option to add friends to a 'Crush List'.
  • Controversy.
The use of the website has been flooded with controversy recently as users have created a number of hate groups online. These hate groups focused on Nazism, racism and white supremacy. Orkut has been banned in Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Users can set up an ID with Orkut providing that they over 18 years of age. Fake and invisible profiles are found and deleted quickly by the website.
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Plz help me to make my id on orkut, buy I don"t know how to make it. Plz help me
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I want to make my id in orkut bt how tell me in detail
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I want to make my id

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