How Do I Hack My Moco Space Account I Forgot My Password?


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With more and more applications being secured by passwords, it is easy for anyone to forget the odd one. Providers of services such as e-mail, social networking, etc, are aware of this and provide a way for users to recover or change their password. MocoSpace is no exception.

  • Help With Forgotten Passwords
Wherever a password is required for log in, including MocoSpace, just below the password field on the log in page will be a link, usually titled 'Forgotten Password', or something similar. All the user has to do is click on the link, provide the user name and e-mail address that were used to open the account and click submit.

  • E-mail Notification
Within a very short time, the user will receive an e-mail providing them with a new, usually temporary, password to enable them to get into their account. From here it will then be possible to create and save a new password. It really is as simple as that and no hacking is required.

  • Hacking an Account
As resetting a password is so simple, one has to wonder whether the question relates to getting into someone else's account. In this case, the enquirer should be warned that this kind of action is not only morally wrong, it is also illegal.

  • Consequences of Hacking
Depending on who's account is being hacked into, and for what purpose, consequences can range from falling out with the account's owner for good, through temporary or permanent bans to fines and even imprisonment. Yes, violation of privacy laws really is that serious. Everybody has the right to privacy. This is why passwords etc exist. If mistrust is the reason for wanting to hack into someone's account, maybe it is time to have an honest chat, rather than spying.

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