How Do I Unlock My Straight Talk Phone? I Forgot My Password


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The password may be the last four digits of your phone number.

  • Phone number password
A lot of phones have a default password when it comes to the phone pad being locked. It is usually the last four digits of your phone number. Therefore you may wish to try this first.

You may also consider that it is the same as your ATM pin, a series of numbers such as some of your social security numbers, or a favorite four letter word. Most people choose a password that they can remember based on something they like or something that makes sense due to their life. You may have to try a few before you get to the right one.

  • Hard reset
If you have already tried everything you can think of, you should try a hard reset. A hard reset will hopefully reset the entire phone so that it goes back to the factory defaults. The downside is that you lose everything on the phone unless you backed it up prior to the phone lock that occurred.

A hard reset requires you to run down the battery of the phone. When it is giving you the battery low, leave the phone on and pull the battery. This trips up the phone, so that when you put the battery back in most of it will be used up when you try to restart the phone.

You will then want to plug the phone back in so that it can charge. When you turn it back on the phone should be unlocked. If this does not work then pull the SIM card and try it again. The SIM card can sometimes be in the way of a hard reset due to the lock it has.

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Amanda Wells answered
There is a list of mobile phone unlocking codeshere and you may find one for your phone. However, I havent tried this and can't guarantee the information is genuine. I would contact the help number or website in your users manual and ask for help there, or contact the store where you bought the phone - that seems safer really.

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