How Do I Hard Reset My Phone Lock On A Samsung Impression?


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The easiest method to hard reset your phone lock is to input the following code: *2767*3855# . Please note, this is NOT guaranteed to work. Your sim card should not be in the phone when doing this as this wipes the phone.

The preferable, and safer, alternative is to contact Samsung. Your instruction manual will have their customer support number and all contact details and support topics on their website can be found HERE.

  • What is a phone lock?
A phone lock is a passcode that phones have, allowing only the owner entry thus deterring thieves, tampering, or theft of information such as phone numbers.

It is usually a 4 digit code, especially with Samsung phones, and the standard code is 0000. You are advised in your manual to change the code to a 4 digit code that only you would know.

  • What is a Samsung Impression?
The Samsung Impression was released in March 2009. It's a touch-screen slide phone, sliding sideways rather than downwards, revealing a QWERTY keypad (like a keyboard). It has a fairly large screen - to aid the touch capabilities - but no audio jack slot.

  • How do I change the lock code?
Go to your phone's Menu and click Settings. Select Phone in the Settings and then select Security. On the list will be the option to Change Phone Password. You will be asked to enter the current password and then enter your new password of choice. Once confirmed, your code is changed and can be changed again at any point.

  • Are there any problems with this reset?
In some cases, when wiping the phone, the phone has not returned to its previous capabilities and only has emergency call capabilities. Contact Samsung or take your phone into the store you purchased it from for professional assistance.

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