How Can I View Someone's Cell Phone Bill Online?


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Another person's cell phone bill is their business alone; therefore, it can be improper, and even illegal, to try and access someone's cell phone bill online. While you may feel that you have a right to see the lists of charges (and the phone numbers that come along with them) of friends, lovers, ex-lovers, and/or family members, you are really not supposed to be checking out this sort of information on the Internet. However, you may be able to access this information if you have the right password for the cell phone owner's account at a mobile communications provider's website.

Sometimes, cell phone bills may be accessed online, if person enters in personal information such as:

• Date of birth
• Full name
• PIN (if applicable)
• Password

Knowing this private information, which is designed to protect the person from security breaches, may get you into the system, where you can see exactly who a cell phone owner is calling, and how much the calls cost. 

Bear in mind you may be caught if you try to "guess" someone's password; sometimes, these online systems are monitored to detect abuses or privacy breaches. It's important to understand that you may also alienate a friend, ex, or family member if they discover you are trying to access their cell phone bills over the World Wide Web.

Some cell phone providers don't offer detailed bill statements online, or through a cell phone owner's mobile telephone service. In this case, there will be no way to find the information you're looking for. However, there is always the option of contacting a cell phone provider to see what can be done about the matter; bear in mind that customer or technical support rep may not be willing to say anything about an account without proof of identity, which may include a cell phone owner's personal information, PIN, or password.
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Go to his carrier's website and create a new username and password for his account.

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