How Can I Get My Phone Records Online From Cricket?


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In order to access your phone records online you need to first set up an online account with Cricket.

This is fairly simple to achieve if you follow these steps:

• Head to • In the 'Sign Up' box located to the left, type in your phone number
• Click on 'Next Step'
• Fill out all the usual details you need to register
• Keep your login details somewhere safe
• Choose a password you will easily remember but would not be predicted by others

After you have successfully registered an online account with Cricket you will then be able to simply sign in to view your phone records including bills.

To check your phone records once you've initially signed up simply:

• Head to • In the 'Sign In' box located to the right, type in your phone number and password
• You will then have access to all the details of your account and can view itemized billing

If for any reason you have difficulty in setting up your online account, it could be worth heading to a phone store and telling them your problem. They should be able to help you and go through the whole registration process with you if you have your phone number with you.

You should also be able to print your call records and bills directly from your online account if your computer is connected to a printer. This can be handy to keep in order all your records and have instant access to them rather than having to constantly sign in to view them on the computer.
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I would like to pay my bill, but I don't see where it says my account.  I used to open the account by clicking my account, can you help?
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Cricket does not allow you to view dialed calls online.

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I need help how to pay cricket cell phone bill on line n where should I click please

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