How To Get Cell Phone Records?


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There are hundreds of sites online that can help you obtain cell phone records at a very nominal cost. I would like to caution you though, as it is an illegal process. There are several brokers and private investigators who offer cell phone records. Where do they get the data from? They might be having some inside contacts in the telephone companies whom they bribe and retrieve information.

Some of the investigators also use a method called "pretexting" to obtain cell phone records to sell. In pretexting, the broker or investigator pretends to be the cell phone number account holder and persuades the employees at the phone company to give them the information. This is an easier way. You can also try this at home. You need to provide the social security number of the person you need to obtain the phone data of and provide it when asked by the agent.
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Do you know how I can obtain a detailed phone listing for a cell phone that has been password protected. My husband will not remove the password, so I cannot access anything. We received the bill through the mail; however, it is not a detailed listing. It is through US Cellular. If you know where I can obtain this information, please tell me where to e-mail you. Thanks.

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