Is Mobile Phone Useful Or Not ?


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Mobile phone has its advantages and phone is really useful in our helps us communicate freely from different places.someone might be in chicago but will be talking to someone in ghana.isn't that useful.during times of emergency you can use the phone to call for help.when you need help or assistance from a friend or someone you can also use the has really a great advantage.but one disadvantage I will like to point out is that the gangsters use this medium to call their fellow counterparts to know when to take action.
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Of course it is they come in handy if your stranded somewhere and have no way of contacting people for help like the guy that got lodged on a mountain and had to saw his arm off with a pen knife :(

If he had had a mobile phone he would have been fine
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mobile phones are very useful in daily life.

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You can go to some online stores, such as ebay, shoppingkool and dagate, they offer many useful mobile phone for you, and expressly, their price is very competitive.
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They are so very important especially if you were lost somewhere
it could save your life dood

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