Apple Iphone or Samsung mobile phone? I want to present my sister a mobile phone. Which brand is better and why?


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Lard Ass answered

Personally, I like my Samsung. Just bought a Galaxy J3 and love it. I've never used an iPhone and would never change....I'm perfectly satisfied with my Galaxy.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic is limitless, answered

I would say to go with Samsung. You get more for your money and the device will last for many years. My Samsung Galaxy S3 that I purchased lasted several years and went through two people before it died.

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PJ Stein answered

I am on my 4th Samsung and I will be getting another one when it is time for a new phone. I have never had a major issue with them. I have quite a few family and friends who have iPhones and it seems they  have all had problems.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I'm an iPhone user, simply because the iPhone was the first smart phone that I bought. I'm happy with them and am on my second one.

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David Johnson answered

Yes, I agree with you that Iphone is more about the brand.  Yes, it is of the high quality and it is not breakable. Though, let's admit that it is expensive and Steve Jobs was not a genius. He was lucky to be the first.

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Nealious James answered

David! I will definitely advise you to opt for an Apple device. These are not
only best in terms of user experience, but they are also safer and have a
larger variety compatible applications. An iPhone will last you for years, you
simply need to keep it safe, just like you would for any other jewel of yours.
Good luck!

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