I want to hack my girlfriend's mobile phone messages and calls. Is it possible or not? 


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Before you read this answer, I'd have to outline that there are pretty big legal implications to hacking someone's phone.

There have been a number of high-profile cases of jail sentences being dished out to people that attempt this.

And the NewsCorp celebrity scandal  is (currently) still an ongoing case, so think before you do anything silly with this information.

How to hack someone's phone

What I could suggest is accessing their voicemail using a "spoofing caller ID method". This will allow you access to all the saved voicemail messages that are stored on the device.

How do you do this? Perhaps a video might be the easiest way to show you:

As for regular text messages - I'm not 100% sure how you would gain access to those without using some sort of password detection technique.

Feel free to write an answer yourself if you discover a way!

I would also say that, if you're resorting to this to check up on your girlfriend - then the relationship might already be dead anyway. 

Hope this helped :)

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Sounds like a trust issue, So either you have none, or she exudes none.

Either way, this is a Relationship "Deathblow" . . If it is on your end, you could be in for along lonely road.

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Not a good idea. Why r u spending your life with someone u don't trust?

If u say u trust her, y do u want to hack her phone? I don't think you'd like it if she did it to u.

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Someone texted me saying my fiance is cheating on me and now they are not taking my calls or responding to my texts. All I have is the person's phone number; I need to view this person's texts and call logs and maybe contacts. They require that I install an app on the target's phone, but I don't have access to the phone or know what type of phone they are using. I have tried: I haven't tried anything, everything I have come across requires me having access to the target's phone. I think it was caused by: I do not have access to the target's phone because it was an anonymous text and call. - This is a legal issue so seek legal advice from Abogados de accidentes KP

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4years of hacking and this is the most asked question I have ever answered, their are tons of ways to hack your boyfriend,remote hacking,cell cloning,and a bunch of other military grade exploit options we hackers often use,BUT as a hacker I will suggest using a automated malware intrusion system, which is relatively new to most hackers,its a medium. Where we hackers remotely create a malware assigned to do specific jobs on the target device,its a very specific way of hacking,ON the other hand the second advice I will give out is from a normal point of view,Hacking should be the last resort in your relationship,it should never be used for fun,it should only be used as a medium of getting closure .

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