Can My Ex Hack Into My Mobile Phone Messages?


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It is possible to hack into the apparent files stored on mobile phones, including text messages.

The newly available smartphones allow the installation of new software, many different wireless capabilities and are generally of higher sophistication with regards to their used operating systems when compared with older mobile phones that included only basic features.

There are pieces of available software that can be downloaded from the internet that would allow this, however the software would have to be installed on the mobile phone itself rather than connecting to it wirelessly in some form. Once the software is installed on the mobile phone, the user can view such materials by accessing an account linked to the installed phone software on a given website. This is only possible with smartphones that allow the installation of new phone software. Also, the person in question would need to have access to the phone in order to install such software on the device.

There are methods for hacking such data without the use of installed software. The method uses SMS text messaging with other pieces of coded data attached to the text and can be used in order to:
-Retrieve information from the handset
-Run applications
-Change and alter phone settings
-Push data to the device (such as viruses, images, applications, etc).

This method would involve a higher sophistication of knowledge with regards to computer programming, coding, etc.

It is possible to download programs onto smartphones that will attempt to avoid such phone hacks, remove malicious software and notify the user when such attacks occur. Simple anti-virus programs designed for smartphones would empty such security measures, a very commonly used version being the AVG anti-virus free which can be downloaded without cost from the following website:
Alternatively, other similar software titles can be downloaded by simply searching "anti-virus" within the phones included market.

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