Can I Retrieve Text Messages From My T-mobile Cell Phone?


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Yes you can, just use a data cable or a bluetooth connection and a software to get the messages.

If your phone is a Sony Ericsson, get My Phone Explorer software

or else just search Google according to the phone you have...

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If you send and receive messages on your Android everyday, then you should have encountered the same problem. Messaging help you easily communicate with others. But due to certain reasons like deletion, formatting, rooting, update crash, software failure, virus attack, etc some or all of your saved messages on Android can get lost/deleted. Don’t fret. You can get them back with great chances of success. What you need is a professional Android messages recovery.

There is a mass of different data recovery tools available to recover photos and videos from Android SD card, but free recovery software supports SMS recovery from Android. Here I recommend you Android messages recovery, which can help you directly recover text messages from Android and also help you on How to recover sms from Samsung galaxy/note. All popular Android brands are supported, such as, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, and more. Just download its free trail version and give it a try.

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no root !

Can you retrieve deleted text messages on Android? Yeah, this video will show you the full guide for Android text message recovery. Don't hesitate and recover deleted text messages from Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1 and more versions right now!

Not only can you recover SMS messages from Android backup but also can recover Android SMS messages without backup. This video is showing you how to recover deleted sms messages on Android without root your phone.

Some common situations that lost text messages you can recover from:

1. Accidentally deleted texts on your android phone

2. Lost text messages after Android 5.0 updated or other Android upgrade.

3. Save text messages from water damaged, crashed, broken or smashed Android phone

4. Android deleted text messages randomly by itself

5. Factory restore Android phone.

And more...

Watch this video and share it with your friends too so that they can also get their precious lost data back.

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