How Can I Text To Tercel Cell Phone In Mexico?


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Many people have found this to be difficult to do; receiving texts from someone using a Tercel cell phone in Mexico seems to be fine but sending one back is more problematic. Try this solution, it should work: Put 011521 before the phone number, and you should find that you can now send text messages.

Telcel is the largest cell phone company in Mexico and is owned by America Movil, which was founded in 1989 and is based in Mexico City. As the leading provider of wireless communications in Mexico, the cellular network covers more than 63 per cent of the geographical area of Mexico, including all of the major cities and 90 per cent of the population.

Telcel holds the concessions that enable them to operate a wireless network in all regions of Mexico using 850 megahertz and 1900 megahertz radio spectrums. By the end of 2007, more than 57 million people subscribed to Telcel, which is a massive 77.2 per cent of the wireless market in Mexico.
It is possible to use a variety of price plans with Telcel, and they can be paid for either as prepaid plans, whereby the user pays for the service in advance, or as post-paid plans, where the user pays for the service they received the previous month.

If a user chooses a prepaid plan they buy a card that has a specified amount of airtime, and they can also get additional services such as caller ID and voicemail. New customers will also receive an Amigo Kit, which comprises of a handset, airtime, a charger plus other accessories. These prepaid services are ideal for those on a limited budget, those with a poor credit profile and those who prefer to pay with cash.

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