Can You Read Other Peoples Text Messages For Free?


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Unless you are reading messages from someone’s phone when they are not around I do not think it is possible to read other people’s text messages for free.

There are websites which offer spy monitoring software, which claim you can monitor all the information on someone’s phone including text messages but this is not free and you often need to download the software directly onto the phone you want to monitor. This is, however, risky business and you would need to research privacy laws before looking to purchase such software as you could be acting illegally.

Such software can cost anything from $10 to $280 and I’m not sure how reliable it is. One brand which seems to be quite popular is but plenty more can by found by doing a quick Google search.

I think you should think carefully before reading someone else’s text messages. It comes with a lot of complications. Firstly, if you find something you shouldn’t have found it is very hard to act on it because you have also done something wrong and would have to admit to reading the text messages if you wanted to confront the issue. Secondly, it could make you very paranoid - text messages can be easily misinterpreted at the best of times and you might get the wrong end of the stick. Thirdly, it suggests you do not trust that person and you should think about what this means to you.

And finally, how would you feel if someone was reading your text messages? It is a large invasion of privacy. Of course, if you are in the Police or acting within the law as a Government civil servant intercepting text messages, perhaps to catch drug dealers or combat other forms of crime, it is another matter altogether.
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You are all obviously in the wrong place for this, lol and all sound pretty.... Ignorant. For the first poster, I believe there is software you can get that will crack into a phone via Bluetooth. I don't know how it work I imagine you would need a phone with android OS or another OS.  For the Person asking if others can read your e-mail.... Wow. I probably shouldnt waste my time on you... Yes, if you stay logged in or they know your password, they can read your e-mail. Its also easy enough to load a key-logger to a pc and be able to get passwords. For the phones with passwords, there is a device you can use with your computer. Its a USB device and it will read SIM cards out of the phone.

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