Can You Secretly Read Text Messages Free Online By Entering Mobile Number?


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No. The process of reading these text messages is complex and would involve hacking into the network provider of whoever's cellphone you were attempting to breach. Hacking is against the law, and the process of reading the person's text messages is a breach of privacy law. Both are punishable by a jail sentence from a court.

There is the technology to do this though. The network providers themselves can see - should they need to - what a text message concerns, and they do have trigger words on their systems to alert them to thinks like distress messages or criminal acts or terrorism.

This same, or rather advanced, technology is used by secret intelligence services such as MI5 and the CIA to monitor the same sorts of criminal and terrorist activities. Their technology can track an individual mobile phone and can listen in to a conversation by figuring out its frequency. It can also read a text message once it is sent.

There are websites online that claim to allow you to type in a number and read that person's texts. These are false websites. They host viruses, malware, adware and spyware, and can cause serious damage to an unprotected computer system. There are free anti-virus and Firewall softwares available online that can help you avoid dangerous sites. Avast, a popular free defender, now comes with a function of color-coded rating bars for websites. Users vote to say what a site contains and whether it is safe or not, and how safe and reliable it is.

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