Is There A Way To Call My Cell Phone From My Computer?


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Yes, there is a growing number of ways to call your cell phone from your computer using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems on offer by a wide variety of companies.
  • How to make a call to your cell phone from your computer
1. The first stage is to sign up with a company that offers VOIP services, these companies include Rebtel, Skype, Barablu amongst others. Initial sign up should be free of charge. You will have to register your details with the service you opt for and you will also have to download their software onto your computer.

2. Once you have downloaded the software, install it onto your PC.

3. Check that you have a microphone on your computer and that it works well. You may need to reposition the microphone for best quality audio. There is no need to purchase an expensive microphone, most microphones that come with your PC, or as part of a webcam, are more than sufficient for VOIP calling.

4. Open the software and find the menu which allows you to enter your contacts details. Enter your own cell phone number and a suitable name. Once you have done this, you can click on 'Dial' or 'Call' and the call should begin.

5. Within a few seconds you should hear your cell phone ringing. If you pick it up and answer, you can discover a whole new way of talking to yourself.

  • Advantages of VOIP calling
Many people are now using VOIP calling services to stay in touch cheaply with friends across the globe. Using the Internet makes the calls considerably cheaper, free in many cases and the added bonus of being able to use a webcam means that in effect you can have video calls as well as audio. You can call cell phones, landlines and even other computers using VOIP technology.
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I have lost my phone in house somewhere and need someone to call it so I can find it how do I do this? Cheers

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