How Do I Send A Video From My Computer To A Verizon Cell Phone?


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Verizon cell phones have the ability to receive emails with attachments from computers, so if the video you are trying to send to your phone is equal to, or less than 300KB, then you should just be able to email it to your cell phone. You do this by sending an email from your computer, from any email address, by typing your cell phone number without any spaces followed by the prefix ‘’

If you don’t already have an e-mail account set up, that’s easy too. Simply find a kind of email you want, like Gmail or Yahoo!, and visit the respective site. The website will offer a registration service, where you will type in your details and the email address that you want. You will then determine a password, and will subsequently be allowed to login and take the necessary steps to compose the email. By clicking ‘New Message,’ entering the aforementioned email address, then using the ‘Attach’ button to attach your file, your email message will be ready. All you have to do is click ‘Send,’ and you’re done.

You should make sure that the file format you are sending the video in to your phone is capable of being played on your phone.

You can also get your phone to receive the video by using other methods. If you have a memory card in your phone, then you simply need to connect a card-reading device to your computer. You should then transfer the video using Windows Explorer onto the card, and then put the card into your phone. Finally, you could just connect the phone to your computer as a mass storage device, and do the transfer through using the Windows operating system.

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