Is There A Way To Create A Fake Phone Number And Receive Texts For It On My Computer?


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There really isn't a way to create a fake phone number and then receive texts for it on your computer - the reason why this is so hard to do is because your phone number is part of your identification with a text messaging service provider, and it's tough to get on with one of these corporate companies if you don't actually have a valid phone number that isn't phony. Although there are benefits to using fake information sometimes on the World Wide Web, and in other such situations, it can be tricky to get text messaging service when you don't provide real information. After all, these text messaging companies may be reluctant to give you're a contract when they can't verify your basic personal identification.

  • Privacy issues

Today, identity theft is a big problem, so this can be a concern as well. For example, if you list a fake phone number, it is really bound to be someone else's actual phone number, so what happens if they somehow find out that their number is being used for your text messaging account? Basically, honesty is the best policy, even if using your own personal phone number feels like an invasion of your privacy.

  • Don't worry too much

Text messaging companies don't actually want to give your information out to anyone. In fact, they go out of their way to protect the private identities of their users. Usually, the billing for text messaging services will also be a little bit vague, so people don't know exactly who is texting someone else, and who is suing services. This type of privacy protection can be in your favor, so don't be too scared of setting up an account with your own personal phone number. After all, there are laws about this sort of things.

However, you should always be careful who you text, and be aware that someone close to you could check your texts and bust you for all manner of misconduct.

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