How Do I Check My Girlfriend Text Messages From My Phone?


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If you want to check up on your girlfriend by checking her text messages you may only see the messages that she has sent directly to you. You cannot see other people she has been talking with without getting a hold of her phone itself and checking the sent messages folder. There is no way to check her other messages from your phone.

There is one exception to the above rule. There are a few companies out on the market today that offer phone spyware so you can see everything she is doing on her phone. The best way to accomplish this task is to give her a phone as a gift and install the spyware before you give her the phone. Once she starts using the phone you can monitor her phone calls and texts from either your phone, or any computer with internet access.

You can also view call records online for most cell phone providers. You can look at the numbers and then do research on any numbers you do not recognize. You can accomplish this by borrowing the phone from your girl for long enough to register it online with their provider to get internet tracking done on the phone. It takes only a few moments in most cases and you'll find services on the internet such as that will help you. One exception to this rule is if your girlfriend has a Bluetooth device. These are not phones that are supported by any of the leading spy phone vendors.

Be prepared to see some things you do not want to see if you decide to check up on your girlfriend. And it is good to keep in mind that the things you do to snoop on her can be turned around and used on you as well.
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If any guy wants to catch his wife or girlfriend where she least expects it go to   don't make a scandal guys. Do it the quiet way and like I said catch her where she LEAST expects it,her cell phone.

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