How Can I Read My Girlfriend's Text Messages?


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Reading your girlfriend’s text messages can be as simple as picking up her phone when she is preoccupied with something else, going to the SMS messages folder and reviewing previous discussions. She may also have a PIN number that will prevent you from doing this easily, and there is no way for this privacy setting to be bypassed, even if you are her boyfriend. Now - this may seem like a brilliant idea when you are worried, angry or upset, but you need to remember that we all do irrational things after we have had an argument with the person we love. If your partner was to find out that you had been reading their text messages, it can cause serious arguments, a lack of trust, and the breakdown of relationships in severe circumstances - especially if you took it upon yourself to reply to unread messages.

A great way to realise the severity of what your suggesting is to see it from her perspective. How would you feel if your girlfriend, a person you admire and trust, logged into your phone and decided to read personal messages between you and your friends? Understandably, you’d be upset and confused, and these are the emotions your partner will experience if you go ahead with this immoral activity.

There is no better way to solve turbulence in a relationship than to talk to your partner up front about how you are feeling. They will be far more likely to listen and react to your concerns if you are honest with them, instead of trying to solve matters behind their back.
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Ask her to let you see her phone if she has nothing to hide she will give it to you
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1st of all you doh need 2 read dem...... If you trust her enuff you will 4get bout that idea......

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