How Can I Spy On My Girlfriends Text Messages?


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To spy on your girlfriend’s text messages, or anyone’s text messages, you firstly need to ensure you are familiar with their phone. This ensures you can quickly access her inbox and outbox if you need to do it in a rush. The best times to access and spy on her phone are when you know she will not be needing it for the longest time possible. The best time possible is when she is asleep and this is closely followed by when she is in the shower, as you will hear the water running and will know when she is getting out. IPhones are probably the easiest phone to use to spy on messages as both sides of the conversation can be easily viewed without moving between the inbox and outbox. To gain more information, you can also check her call log to see who she has been speaking to and for how long. It would seem suspicious if the call log or inbox is empty as it would suggest that messages and phone calls are being deleted. There are some websites, such as, who claim to have downloadable software that you can install on someone’s phone to track all their calls and text messages. This, however, is a huge breach of privacy and is not recommended as a lawsuit could soon follow. More and more lawsuits appear every day as people use advanced personal technology to invade personal privacy. A recent lawsuit saw Sienna Miller and other celebrities sue UK journalists at the News of the World newspaper over phone hacking allegations. Spying on your girlfriend’s text messages would suggest there are some issues with trust in your relationship which would be better resolved by talking the issue through and discussing your feelings.
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I caught my girlfriend CHEATING on Christmas!!! HO HO HO!!!

I installed software on her phone when she was in the shower.  It took 1 minute or less to install.

Anyway... It sent me all of her texts as she received them so even if she erased them, I still got them.  It also has gps, and phone call information.

Here is the website to find the info you need  I Spied On My Girlfriend And Caught Her Cheating In One Day!!!!
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I don't know just be sneaky and then take her phone when she is sleeping then put it back when she done and make sure she doenst catch you!I'm a girl so take my advice.
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I used a piece of software called iPhone Spy Recovery - it enabled me to look at all of my partners deleted texts and call history. It was easy to install and use. 

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Ahh the foundation of  every solid relationship

Old question so that Mary Williams can advertise hacking company.

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I suggest you shouldn't do that unless you have a legit reason for it. That's a total invasion of privacy, and if I was your girlfriend, I wouldn't want you checking my texts and listening in on my calls. It shows that you don't trust your girlfriend, which is not good for a relationship.
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You shouldnt spy on her text messages but if you don't trust her then you should talk to her about it. Just be honest with her.          Sure you could look at her phone while shes in the bathroom but that wouldnt b right

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