How Do I Spy On My Friend To See What Text Are On Their Phone?


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WOW!!  I'm glad you aren't my friend!!  But, if you insist....go to menu  then  messages  and finally  inbox.  To see the ones they have sent  instead of inbox   go to outbox!!!  Happy spying!!
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Cheating ruined my relationship. I really trusted her. But when she started going into the bathroom to receive calls, lying about where she was going to, i had to make moves. I just felt it in my gut, that feeling. I had a friend here recommend this walker dude to me. And i was shocked, amazed. He got me access to my wife’s phone basically. I could see anything i wanted, who was calling, text messages, whatsapp, skype, everything. Trust me this is the real deal. It was however sad that i lost my wife. We made up, I just couldn't get myself to trust her again.But if the ‘gut feeling ‘ is driving you insane and you need to really check to be sure, then check this dude out.

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