How Do I Move My Toolbar? It's Stuck Vertically On The Left Side. Help!


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Try this: Start -> Control Panel -> Taskbar and Start Menu -> Make sure the box marked 'Lock the Taskbar' is NOT checked. If it is, uncheck it, then click 'Apply'... If this does nothing, or if it's not checked, then check it, click 'Apply', try to move it, then un-check it, click 'Apply', and try to move it again... If this doesn't do it, I'm afraid you will probably have to find a utility that will allow you to further customize your Windows properties...

Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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You have to drag it where you want it to be.
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The problem is that it will only go vertically to the right or off the screen to the left. Even thought there is a faint horizontal line & the arrow acts like it will move the toolbar horizontally, nothing happens. Does something else need to be checked or unchecked to make this happen? I've tried everything.
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There is another thing you could do, and I have done it for the same problem you're haing. You could restore your system to an earlier date before the problem started. It won't hurt anything, and it works.
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Ok. Thank you. I'll give that a try & see if it works. I just don't understand why the bar won't move the way it's supposed to? I'll be back to let you know if the restore system worked. Thanks again.
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This is super easy to do! Just click on the toolbar in blank space, then click it agian but this time hold it down. With a flick of ur rist pull the mouse down. So pretty much just hold it down then pull the mouse down real quick. Just keep doing this till its were you want it!

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