What Is Meant By Germplasm Hybridization In Biotechnology?


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Germplasm is a term which is basically used to refer to the genetic resources, or more accurately the DNA of a living being and gatherings of that substance. Germ plasm, or as it is alternatively referred to, polar plasm is a zone obtained in the cytoplasm of the egg cells of particular organisms like Ceanorhabditis elegans or Xenopus laevis that consists of determinants which are responsible for the germ cell lineage. While the zygote goes through mitotic divisions the germ plasm is eventually limited to a few cells of the embryo, and they later travel to the gonads.

The phrase germ plasm was initially coined by a German biologist named august Weismann to refer to a part o germ cells which he propounded were responsible for the phenomenon of heredity, sort of similar to out modern day comprehension of DNA.

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