Something made my computer go weird . . . and I really need help, figuring this out. The left side corner of the laptop screen is completely white and I don't know what happened. How do I fix it?


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Usually things like that happen when a Laptop gets too hot. It might have done something to your graphics chip and it's not working at full capacity. Kind of depends on how old it is also. Best thing to do is have a Tech take a quick look at it and he'll know what to do and if he can repair it cheaply enough for you.

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Well ! As I don't see anything i can't answer this very well! But you surely have a problem with your windows you should Reinstall your windows (it must be a problem with your Graphics ..) As I said I should see it.! Take a picture of your screen and send it here (into your questions )! If you get an error just discuss i. 

Good luck

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If all else fails, let it cool and then re-boot it.  (Re-booting is the "chicken soup" for computers.)

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