How Do I Change The Settings On My Google Toolbar?


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The settings on a Google Toolbar need to be changed separately depending on what feature of the Toolbar you are trying to alter. The wrench icon on your toolbar gives you the most access to changing settings within it. Under this tab you can select your preferences as well as add custom buttons to the toolbar, highlight and find words on website, organise your location and use features such as PageRank and Share. If you are using Google Toolbar in Firefox you can use the wrench icon to customise the layout of your toolbar. One of the most common queries for Google Toolbar is how to chance the language settings on it. To do this you need to click on the Toolbar's wrench icon. You can then look through the drop down for the 'Search' tab. You will then be able to select a country domain from the 'Use Google site' menu.

Once you have done this, make sure you have clicked save and the Toolbar should be set up in the chosen language. Changing the default search settings is also something that many individuals seek help with. Again, to do this you will need to first select the wrench icon on the Toolbar. You can then look for the 'Search' tab within the 'Toolbar Options' window. In this search box you can select the 'Set and keep Google as the default search engine' checkbox to enable Google as your internet browser's default search engine.

If you are having a specific problem with your Google Toolbar then it is recommended that you search the troubleshooting section of their support site ( Here you can search for the particular difficulty you are having or get further information by contacting a member of the Google team. It is often the case that someone has had a similar problem to you so it is worth looking around before contacting customer services.
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To change the settings on your Google Toolbar, click on the 'Settings' button. This should be the button with a green circle with 'Settings' on it and a small black arrow. It will be located at the end of the toolbar.

Once you have clicked on 'Settings', click on 'Options'. This should bring up a wide range of settings. You can change your bookmark settings, search settings and spellcheck settings etc.

In the 'Buttons' section, you can tick the boxes next to the buttons that you want to be displayed on your toolbar.

If you click on the 'More' tab, there are lots more button options and settings which you can change if your wish. Simply tick the box to add the buttons to your toolbar, or you can click on 'More info' under each button to get more information on how the button functions.

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