How Do You Install Freecorder On Google Chrome? I Have Been Trying To Download The Toolbar Onto Either Chrome Or IE. When I Click "View " On IE And Enable Freecorder, A Check Mark Does NOT Appear. And Google Chrome Just Blocks Freecorder!


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Freecorder is a free, easy-to-use software download that allows you to convert audio and video from the Internet to store on your computer. It is usable via a unique toolbar that appears alongside your web browser. Currently, Freecorder is unfortunately not compatible with Google Chrome - although updates in the future may change this. If you wish to use Freecorder it is advisable to use Firefox as your primary web browser; this has produced the best results in terms of working quickly and efficiently alongside Freecorder. Like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Firefox is a highly popular browser and is completely free to download.

To use Freecorder with Internet Explorer, simply follow to procedure given on the Freecorder website. You may need to change your Internet settings to allow the toolbar to appear. This can be done via the 'Tools' section which should be located on the right hand side of Internet Explorer. Under the 'Toolbars' subsection, check the Freecorder box. All being well, the Freecorder toolbar should appear alongside any other toolbars you have installed (similarly, these can be disabled in the Toolbars subsection if you wish to use the Freecorder toolbar alone).

If you find your toolbar is not appearing, and you are unable to check the Freecorder toolbar, it may be that security software is preventing you from using the toolbar. If you have anti-viral protection software installed, you should check this is not treating the Freecorder toolbar installation as a potential threat. You can do this by accessing your security software and performing a scan. If anything related to Freecorder shows up in the scan, it is highly likely this is the problem. Select the option to verify Freecorder is not a virus threat, and try to install the toolbar again - this works in the majority of cases.
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Cut and paste, or link to your profile. It should work.
That option is on your mouses right side. Double click the option should come up.

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