I have a freecorder removal problem. I want to uninstall freecorder from my computer, but it is not easy to be removed. Do you know some freecorder removal tips?


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The recommended and most effective way to uninstall Freecorder is to use a third-party uninstaller which will make sure that all traces of this Freecorder will have been removed completely. You can download Mighty Uninstaller onto your PC.

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There are three tips to uninstall freecorder from your computer.The first method is to uninstall it with Windows Add/Remove Programs which is the most common. Start-Settings-Control Panel-Windows Add/Remove Programs-freecorder-Uninstall. The Second is to uninstall it via regedit. Enter into regidit and find the freecorder files and then delete it. The third is to uninstall freecorder with a professional uninstall tool.
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Ray Dart
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You should not go blindly deleting anything from the registry unless you REALLY know what you are doing.
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I think uninstalling Freecorder with a professional unisntall too is recommended because it's much safer, easier and quicker.

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