How to run tally 7.2 on windows 7?


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You are not the only one that is having this problem; there are many people who are reporting that they are unable to run Tally 7.2 on Windows 7.

  • What to try
You could try to run the application in compatibility mode; the other thing that you could do is to contact Tally and let them sort out your problem. You will find contact details on this site:

Do not be reluctant at exploring this avenue, because if they are made aware of how many people are having issues with trying to get it to work with Windows 7, then they are more likely to find a workable solution - sooner rather than later.

  • What is Tally 7.2?
Tally 7.2 is software that means that you can keep full accounts, keep a check on inventory and which also has reporting abilities. It is reputed to be a total solution to inventory and account management for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

There are a multitude of management reports that help users to stay ahead of what is going on in their organizations, and it has many features including how to deal with VAT (Value Added Tax).

  • Accounting features
There are many accounting features on Tally 7.2 that are invaluable for small businesses.

It has unified ledgers; complete book keeping; it does accounts without the use of codes; it can undertake multi-currency accounting so if you have an international customer data base you do not have to struggle with currency conversion rates; it has a ratio analysis feature; deals with receivables and payables and also copes with VAT and Sales Tax.

  • Inventory features
The inventory features of Tally 7.2 are that it can handle multi-location stock control; comprehensively records stock movement; can undertake a variety of different management reports; creates aged stock analysis; can indicate stock re-order levels; and will also do reports for batch-related stock.
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Does Tally 7.2 work on Windows 7 ultimate ? If yes how ?
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Tally 7.2 is not compatible to Windows 7, you need upgrade your software to Tally ERP 9, which is compatible to 64 bit version of Windows 7, moreover many new features have been introduced in the new product.
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Microsoft® offers free customer service support for new purchasers of Windows 7®, so just contact them, to have any of your problems resolved.

Consult your owner's manual for full details.
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Change the compatibility mode for your software during installation. Right click on the setup file and select "run as admin" and change the compatibility to "win xp sp2"
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Some software's have different versions of it to match the compatible of the OS.So get the software that designed for your operating system.
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You have to use windows xp mode/virtual machine mode.....and can download from microsoft website...
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First of all have a look at the tally official site if the version of tally is compatible with Windows 7....Or
Try this approach.
1, Right click on Tally icon and Run as administrator
2, If that didn't work then Right click Troubleshoot Compatibility...

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