What Are The Major Weakness Of Windows 7?


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1, start time
Last week, Ioio technology companies broke the news said that Windows 7 actually starts in the test and found the speed slower than Vista. The news is undoubtedly a challenge to Windows 7 performance.
Although there was the article that the identification of Windows 7 started slow in Vista, because the test used for a system software due to, but clearly, Windows 7 must work to avoid similar incidents.
2, security, worrying
This week, Microsoft released an updated history of the largest patch, the software involved in 13 of 34 security vulnerabilities. Which includes several patches for Windows 7 and released. Because Windows 7 has not yet officially released, the patch can be described as impressive.
3, driver compatibility issues
Vista is not recognized by one of the main user is the problem of their bad driving. Not compatible with most hardware, an operating system products, the user, this is a nightmare. Windows 7 to be seen as an upgrade version of Vista, then Vista driver exposed in issue must be resolved.
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The major weakness of Windows7 is Bulky on the HD, expensive and compatibility.

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