How Is Mac Os Different From Windows Os?which One Is Better For Professional Users,and Why?


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That all depends on the "profession" you are working in. You should pick the one that matches what the others use in your profession as it will make life a lot easier. If you're in the advertising, graphics, visual arts (TV, movies...), games, some education and publishing... Then most likely the Mac is your choice. Otherwise, PC dominates overwhelmingly. They are both easy to use. But there are many times more software available for the PC, but which you may not want to buy anyway.
So it is best to ask your colleagues before you plunge in.
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The main difference is that an Apple machine is a lot easier to use and learn than a PC. There are NO virii for OSX in the wild, so you don't have to worry about that expense (though I still use a free anti-virus program to make sure I don't have any PC virii in my emails or attachments). In the long run, both your TCO-total cost of ownership-and ROI-return on investment-are better with the Mac. Go and read literally an entire book -about 115 pages- on the subject!
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The windows operating system is easy and gives you multi processing capabilities and suitable for home users. On the other hand, MAC is professional and highly secured operating system that is used by professionals. The MAC is used by programmers and computer experts.
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Wrong, not all programmers and computer experts like, or use mac. In fact, almost all programmers use Linux or another form of it. Yes, Mac is professional and is very secure (you will almost never get a virus on it). Also window is not exactly "easy". But, mac was made for ease. So pretty much ur wrong and should actually do some research before you post on something. Do some thinking and find out where u went stupid.
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The MAIN difference is called even parity, odd parity, or what Binary codes are used to represent numbers or letters! It the way computers understand things! It is which diode is open or closed to DC electric!!!! This goes back to the 1800's NCR and IBM battled for patient rights. NCR was first and had a 17 year control, then IBM filed one with odd parity 2 years later! It does the same thing BUT IS DIFFERENT! With NCR all the numbers started at 0. With IBM all numbers started at .9999999! That is the easiest why to explain it. In the language Computers speak the binary code is different for those two starting points numbers! SIMPLE RIGHT?
Mac is definitively safer, but not as popular for game players!
If your REAL SMART pay the extra money for Mac!
If you want to play games then go PC! But that is where 90% of your hackers and Viruses go too! If you go here and have super stuff, BUY a REAL GOOD Encryption Program for your special stuff! I've got 232 like the CIA uses!!!! And I'm getting a new Apple! I'm a former Tech Rep for NCR and Gifted, but can't spell good!
MAC is NCR and IBM is PC.
Good Luck!
Lodgic101      RESPECT YOUR VETS!
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Here is something most of you don't think about in your Computer type choice!
Then the early years Microsoft and Bill Gates tried to get total control of what you use on your Computer! And in doing this very thing they bankrupted OR reduced the size of all of the other choices you had to chose from, and made it impossible for them to write programs on their level!
This is what all the law suites were about!!!!
And by doing this a lot SUPER SMART Computer Nerds and Geeks lost their VERY high paying jobs, and were FORCED to except jobs on a much lower level, with a GREAT difference in their pay! Plus they were no longer doing what they enjoyed to do, and advance the whole Computer World faster to a much higher level!
So this attack on them and their families did not make them very happy!
So they got on their Computers, and told the WORLD how to hack ANYTHING to do with Microsoft! And then told people HOW TO create viruses, and battled against the people that destroyed their very life styles!
So the larger part of the Evil is not on Apple OR Mac, and a lot of their Evil will not work on their Parity! Their by making Apple a lot safer to use, and their programs smaller in their size,for guards are not as badly needed!

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