Is There Free Key Code For Windows Xp Professional ?


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There are not any free activation keys for Windows XP professional but there are three activation keys for Windows XP home edition SP3 which are as follows:
Windows XP Home OEM for Dell PC:FP2TC-MJ2CP-32J8T-FP3BY-RW6K6. Microsoft Windows XP Home : CD Key : KQXXH-YW4QM-B84W8-296FX-6XRDW. To perform a clean installation of Windows XP, follow these steps:

1.Back up all important information before you perform a clean installation of Windows XP. Save the backup to an external location, such as a CD or external hard disk.

2.Start your computer from the Windows XP CD. To do this, insert the Windows XP CD into your CD drive or DVD drive, and then restart your computer.

Note, to boot from your Windows XP CD, the BIOS settings on your computer must be configured to do this.

3.When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press any key to start the computer from the Windows XP CD.

4.At the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to start Windows XP Setup.

5.Read the Microsoft Software License Terms and then press F8.

6.Follow the instructions on the screen to select and format a partition where you want to install Windows XP

7.Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Windows XP Setup.

If you have successfully installed Windows XP, you are finished.
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V2c47-mk7jd-3r89f-d2kxw-vpk3j  handed out by microsoft personally.
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Key Code for free spy sweep. I put it on my computer but can't find my key code. Also
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I have a windows vista is there a key code that I could get, My computer crashed...
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That's really annoying - you really do need that license key.  You may be able to go back to your computer supplier and ask them for the key.

Microsoft has a page on missing media: How to Replace Lost, Broken, or Missing Microsoft Software or Hardware.  It doesn't talk about a missing profuct key, but the advice there may be worth chasing up.
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Its been so long ago it was my brother and he has no idea if thats the right one or not and he has no others?

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