How Do I Get A FREE Xp Home Edition Product Key?


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If you bought Microsoft XP from a store, the easiest thing to do is to call Microsoft by finding a customer service number from They will probably issue you with a new product key, if you can provide evidence that you actually bought Microsoft XP, and didn't download it.

To make sure you are guaranteed a new product key, the best thing to do is register with Microsoft XP. When you call up Microsoft, you reply to some customer service questions, and they charge $10.00 for the new product key.

  • Why has this occurred?
The reason  this issue has occurred is because people are downloading illegal keys, making legitimate product keys obsolete.

  • Are there other ways of getting a free product key?
There are other ways of getting a product key for Windows XP. Visit this link at, which allows you to uncover the product key that has the issue. Another way is to download a key generator. You will get a new key to use in under 2 minutes. The link is

  • Information on Windows XP
Windows XP is the third version of the Windows operating system. Although it has been succeeded by two new operating systems, Windows XP (which stands for eXPerience) is still the most popular, and was rated the most user-friendly operating system built on the Windows NT kernel.

  • The Different Versions of XP currently circulating the Market
'Windows XP Home Edition' was targeted at home users, allowing for simpler functionality and ease of use. 'Windows XP Professional' was targeted at business, including different functionality to aid managerial tasks. 'Windows XP Tablet Edition' was created upon the arrival of stylus-driven tablet PC computers, and was built to operate applications using the stylus.
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You product key has expired. You can't get free xp home edition product key. You have to purchase the new CD for it.

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