How To Purchase The XP Product Key?


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Ayan Ali answered
Just go to Microsoft website or Goto control panel and click update windows
Then you can land static windows page
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Hassan Raza answered
The Microsoft always gives the much kind of advantages to all his customers all over the world. The customer support and assistance is always welcome at any time. Just like this they give the purchase opportunities of the products and the product keys and licenses as well.

Purchase by Phone: Many customers all over the world purchase the Product key via phone line, it might be a local or it might be a international. That is the best way to purchase the XP product key.

Purchase by online: Purchasing the XP product key online from the Microsoft website with the placing order online. It is most useful way to get the product key. You have to submit your detail with the money order, bank account or credit card detail which you submit to the Microsoft for the product key, and after verifying the detail they will provide the XP product key by mail.

Purchase from Distributors: That is the very useful way, and easy way to get the XP product key, because the distributors of Microsoft is working every where in the world in the most major cities of every country. The end user can easy get the product key from the distributor jus have to spend some dollars according to the price of the XP product key.

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