How To Install Primavera P6 In Windows 7?


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Primavera P6 is supported by Windows 7. It is best to have the 64-bit system, but it can be downloaded on any computer running Windows 7. It is best to purchase the CD for this program, as this will eliminate any install errors you might face with the portfolio management software.
If you are looking for a download you should buy it from the official software site to ensure you are not downloading a false programme or any viruses. You will definitely need to pay for the software you want to install. If you pay for it online you will be given a download prompt. Follow the instructions by clicking download, open the file, and then click on run.
Those using a computer disk will find Windows is more than capable of running the software just by inserting the CD. If for some reason this does not work then click on your menu start button, computer, and locate the CD on the screen. Click on Install Client Applications, next, and then enter the product code.
You will need to read the licensing terms and select on "I Agree” to go to the next phase of installation. Choose the setup option you prefer and then click on next. You can also choose the storage destination for the Primavera 6 application before selecting next during the windows prompt. Check any boxes next to features you might wish to install and then click next. You should enter the programme name in the programme folder then click next, click install, and then click on finish.
Your computer will need to reboot for the installation to be complete. If a programme is interfering with the installation make sure you turn it off before trying again. You may find interference from your computer antivirus software.
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You could try this site which offers a couple of links that may be helpful. Otherwise it may be best to contact the Microsoft Windows site and ask for help there, or try putting your key words in a search engine and follow the links that come up, to see which one offers the most useful information.

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