How Do I Get My Windows XP Browser To Allow Cookies?


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Open Internet Explorer. Click on "Tools" and then "Internet Options" - "Security" - "Trusted Sites" and type in the site name and click on Add and then ok.

About twice a week I clear out all cookies and temporary files by clicking on "Tools" - Internet Options - on the first page that opens you will see "browser history". Click on "delete" and another window opens and you can delete temp files and cookies. Don't worry - any site you want to go to will always place another cookie on your comp - you'll just have to sign in again.
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Thanks to all of you!
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Thanks alot for three to four days ive been using bashy internet explorer till i found out this information it was much help god bless!!!!!
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I can't get open my home windows
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I have tried to enable cookie via control panel tool privacy and advance
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In most internet browsers- which would be something like Internet Explorer (also known as IE), Mozilla Firefox, or Opera- refer to the toolbar which says "file", "edit", "view", etc. In that same bar, click "tools". Move down to options, click the privacy tab in the box that pops up and check the box that is next to "enable cookies". As long as you have virus and spyware protection, including the service packs and updates, your computer and information should be relatively safe.

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