How Can I Find Out What My Windows XP Pro Product Key Is?


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"The process of finding your Windows XP Professional Product Key from the CD is thankfully a fairly quick and simple one. If you follow these steps you should be able to find it:

A) Insert Windows XP Professional CD into computer.

B) Exit the 'Autorun' window that will open when the disc begins to run.

C) Open 'My Computer'. This option may be on the 'start' menu (bottom left), or on your desktop somewhere (this depends on your individual computer and whether your have created a shortcut on your desktop or not).

D) Right-click on the Windows XP cd-drive and select the 'Explore' option.

E) Select the 'USWXP32P_ZX' folder. This may be a 'hidden' folder. If you cannot find it then I recommend searching for 'unattend.txt' and marking 'search hidden folders'.

F) Then select the 'sysprep' folder.

G) Finally, open the 'unattend.txt' folder. Your Windows XP Professional Product Key should be located within this file.

If this method proves unsuccessful then your only real option is to contact Microsoft. You can do this via their official website and by either by selecting the 'support' option, or by clicking 'Contact Us' at the bottom of the page. This option provides a selection of methods through which you can contact Microsoft. For technical questions however, you will have to contact their 'technical support' section, which appears to be specialised to each Operating system, so you will have to select your current one from the list that they provide (in your case Windows XP).
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Machine Registry:  The file is encrypted - you need soft ware to read it
The sticker on the side of the computer
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This is an old incorrect story that’s gone viral. The Unattended file is only an example to assist techs to install windows on multiple computers at once. The product code is invalid, and has never worked on a single computer on this planet, not a single one. The product key in the unattend file is the same for every disk made in that service pack batch. In short, several million disks will have the same number
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You can check it on the packing of the XP CD you will definitely find the product key there or you can open the CD of the Windows XP and there you will find the product key.
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I have windows xp professional and a friend gave to me and I need product key to activate how can I get one
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You can either use xp key finder, here: or xp key changer. The first one is free the second one is not but it is good
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Insert your cd
go to my computer
left click the icon for your cd drive
go to explore
find a file called unattend.txt
your product key will be listed somewere in there. Good luck

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