What's A Free Program Like IDump That Works For Windows 7?


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Sharepod is a pretty reputable alternative to iDump. It allows you to save all of the  music and playlists on your iPod to your Windows 7 (or later) PC. It can be downloaded from the Sharepod website here. There is also the option to download the application for Mac users.

Alternative ways to back up your music and playlists

It can take a while to build up an impressive music collection, so to lose any when gremlins get into your iTunes can be frustrating to say the least!

Obviously there is the option of saving your music to an external harddrive. 

However it may also be worth considering apps such as Copytrans, which doesn't only back up your iTunes but also your contacts, notes, apps etc and allows you to access them from your desktop without an internet connection being needed.

Copytrans isn't free, it costs around $30, but is worth the price for ensuring all of your data is safe and backed up. 

Why not take a look at Copytrans website here and see what you think?

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