Where i can get the free antivirus for my Windows 7 laptop?


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Steve Beven answered

Here are some trusted security tools that you can install in
your Windows 7 PC: -

Immunet 3.0:

Norton 360:





Panda:!/panda-cloud-office-protection etc.

You can use anyone of them for your system’s security.

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Norton and Kapersky are the most recognized anti-virus software.

Usually, I say you should support smaller businesses by buying their products, but when it comes to computer security, I always so go for the big guys.

Not only are they the top of the lot of a reason, but also lesser known cheaper options might be scams that install malware into yours system rather than protect you from it.

That's why you should be VERY skeptical about anyone that offers free virus protection, as downloading their software could actually give you a virus rather than protect you from them.

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