Where Can I Find Master Product Key Of Windows Xp?


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Finding the master product key for Windows XP is as simple as inserting the disc into your computer and opening up a few files. Never use a master product key which you find online. Sharing these product keys is illegal, and you can face legal action if you post one. Since they are illegal, Microsoft routinely screens for them and blocks, or "blacklists” these codes so they can't be used.

To begin, insert your Windows XP setup disc in your computer. Next, go to "my computer” and select the inserted disc. Click on "explore.” There should be a folder called "USWXP32P_ZX.” Open it, and you should see a folder called "sysprep” which stands for system prep. When you open this folder, you should see a folder called "unattend.txt” and this should contain your product key.

There is always the chance, however, that your product key is contained in a hidden folder. You can still find it rather easily by simply searching your hidden files for "unattend.txt.”

Of course, there are always glitches in the world of software, and many times users make errors that they're not even aware of. There are a couple of other ways you can find the correct product key for Windows XP.

Some versions of Windows XP, including the Pro edition, are designed for installation on several computers. If you're working on your office computer, ask around the office to see  if anybody has one of these editions, which can be legally used by more than one computer.

If your copy of Windows XP was obtained illegally, you have no choice but to purchase a new, legal copy. You should be aware that trying to find product keys for illegal copies on the internet is unlikely to result in success. If you are absolutely certain that your copy is legal and legitimate and you're still having trouble finding the key, you can also contact the company's customer service for more assistance.
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Machine Registry:  The file is encrypted - you need soft ware to read it
The sticker on the side of the computer
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You can try the following two keys as Master Keys in Windows XP.


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