Have To Reload Windows XP, Lost Disk But Have Product Key.what To Do?


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Sometimes manufacturers do not include the Windows XP Operating System CD when you first buy your new computer. It is possible though, to re-install Windows XP without the need of the CD.
If you have lost your CD or the manufacturers do not supply a Windows XP CD with the purchase of your new computer, they have most definitely stored a copy in your hard drive for later use. You can easily access this copy of the CD on your hard drive to completely reinstall or format partitions on your computer. Remember, before you do anything you should back up any important data saved on your machine. This could include photos, documents or music for example.
Click on My Computer then C: WINDOWS then i386 or C:i386. This is the part where a lot of people get confused. They realize that a copy of their Windows XP CD is here, but they look for the wrong files. Most people will try to find a file named "Setup", "Install", or "Windows".
The file you are looking for is called winnt32.exe. Open this application and proceed with the instructions given. It will lead you through 5 simple phases that will wipe out your computer and reinstall the operating system. You should also make sure you have all the required software packages on CD to reinstall the drivers that will be wiped out during this process before you proceed.
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You can usually bit torrent a fresh cd and sometimes you can even find it with the latest service pack (SP3 for XP) slipstreamed in. As long as you have your key, don't feel bad about "stealing" a new copy of the install disc.
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I am sorry to say that you can't install Windows XP until you have the CD. Though you have the product key but it will not work until you have the corresponding operating system with it. You have to buy a new CD.
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Borrow a CD from someone. You can use any xp-cd as long as it is the same version. When asked for the product code use the one you have. Not the one on the cd. You might have to call microsoft and explain that you are reinstalling on the same computer.
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It is just really simple actually. Call microsoft and say hey I lost my cd but I have the product key. They ask you for the product key you give it to them and they send it to  you for 15$ - 20$
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Hi, I just visited a webpage that sells windows reinstallation and recovery disks.  Its located at:
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I agree there... Having a cd is just like having a license in your hand but you still need a car to drive right?? Same goes here.. You are missing the vehicle... That's your cd

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