What Are The Main Features Of Windows 98?


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Windows 98 was drastically different than Windows 3.1, or the first Window designed for the internet, Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. It was built on the Windows 95 platform and greatly improved it. The main advantages Windows 98 had over previous operating systems was that it:

1. Browsed the internet better than Windows 95.
2. Was easier to use.
3. Was more reliable than previous systems.
4. Was more efficient
5. Contained Power Management to allow desktops to “hibernate”.
6. Supported DVD readers and digital audio sound for movie and better stereo.
7. Introduced the Internet Connection Wizard for initial web connection setups.
8. Allowed the creation of your own web pages.
9. Was the first Windows operating system to use “Service Packs” instead of “current releases.”

Windows 98 and ME not supported by Windows anymore. Windows 98 was replaced by Windows ME, which was nothing more than 98 with all the current service packs. This was a major disaster because ME was rushed to get a new system out for “the New Millennium”. Windows ME was finally replaced with Windows XP which is based on NT technology. This operating system is so good that it refuses to die.

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