How To Install Tally 7.2 In Windows7?


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The normal way to install any software, including Tally 7.2, onto a Windows computer is to insert the disc into the PC’s drive and wait for the installation to start running. If nothing happens, go into ‘My Computer’ and select the disc drive (it should mention something about Tally). Within this folder you should be able to find an icon that is labelled with some mention of an installation. Double-clicking on this should then let you run through the installation wizard to put the software onto your computer. If you are still having trouble installing Tally 7.2, check the specifications of the software and compare them to those of your computer. It could be that the software that you are trying to install cannot, in fact, be used with your hardware. If this is the case, then you will either have to find an older version of the software that does not require such high specifications, or upgrade some of the hardware within your computer. If you are still struggling to install Tally 7.2 onto your Windows PC, then try contacting the support line either via their website or by telephone. Someone should be able to talk you through installing the software step-by-step, helping you with any problems that occur along the way.

Tally 7.2 is an integrated enterprise solution with complete accounting, inventory and reporting capabilities. It provides a total solution that can help individuals and businesses manage accounts and inventories. It has a vast array of management reports that allow you to get on top of your operations and has a VAT feature.
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Anonymous answered line your enternet conn. After clean drive, test of your tally software with avg. After istall in other drive (not In "c" drive)
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Tried installing in another drive not getting installed shows status error 5
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Just install it in another drive except c drive.. It will work..
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Installing application in Windows 7 operating is quite easy as it offers well interactive graphical user interface which enables user to uninstall or uninstall application with few clicks of mouse.

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